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Autoglym Air Con Sanitiser


Autoglym Air Con Sanitiser is more than just an air freshener. Instead of just masking bad odours, it neutralises them on a microbial level, fighting bacteria, yeast and mould in your car. Not only will it disinfect and deodorize the air in your car, it will also disinfect upholstery and carpets in the application process.

It only takes a simple application to sanitise and deodorise your car’s air conditioning system in less than 20 minutes.


First, pop the aerosol can into the allocated slot in the back of the packaging and place the can at the furthest forward point of the passenger footwell, as seen above.

Air Con Sanitiser_600

Secondly, turn on your car and air conditioning system. Snap the aerosol tab and leave the can running until empty.


Important! Make sure your car’s air conditioning is on recirculation mode, to disperse the product throughout your car as well as your air conditioning system. Keep the air-conditioning running for 5-10 minutes after the can has emptied.


The last step is to air out your car! For another 5-10 minutes, leave your windows down to get rid of all excess product. After this process your car will smell clean and fresh, and will be disinfected for up to 6 months.

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