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How to remove blemishes, scratches and renew your paint

Autoglym Paint Renovator Products

Autoglym Paint Renovator is for use on scratches, scuffs, heavily oxidised or faded paintwork.

Autoglym Car Products - Paint Renovator

If you have a scratch or paintwork blemish, wash and apply Super Resin Polish firmly to restore the area. If this does not repair the area sufficiently, move up the abrasive scale to Paint Renovator. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to get your car back to showroom condition.

Paint Renovator is not an all over polish; it should only be used on specific areas of paintwork damage. Paint Renovator is suitable for hand use but should not be applied by machine.

Pro Tip: If your scratch is so deep that metal or grey primer can be seen, you will need to repair that by repainting the area or further damage could occur, such as rust or further loss of paint. Paint Renovator is silicone free and will not interfere with repainting.

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