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Keep Your Wheels Cleaner Longer

Imagine wheels that stay clean weeks after washing! Science fiction or just clever science?

We all know the scenario; you spend good time scrubbing your wheels when washing your car only to have them turn black in a matter of days. Drivers of European marques feel that pain more so with great braking performance but huge amounts of brake dust that turns any clean wheel black in no time.

Now you can push back on dirty wheels, extend the car washing schedule and enjoy shiny rims for a lot longer all thanks to some clever technology.

What’s really on your dirty wheels?

The majority of the black stuff is brake dust, mixed in with a healthy dose of dirt, tar, fuel, road chemicals and dirty water. Mix these all together with the heat generated by the brakes and hot summer days you have the recipe to ruin any good looking wheel.










Keep them clean smarter not harder

We often treat our paintwork with wax to give it a physical protective barrier that improves shine, keeps the car cleaner for longer and makes washing the car quicker and easier. Now you can do the same for your wheels with just a simple spray.










Autoglyms Wheel Protector creates a super-hydrophobic barrier which forms a clear coating over the wheel that minimises brake dust, dirt and water adhesion ensuring your wheels remain cleaner for longer. It works by creating a super slick coating between your wheel and environment that make road contaminants, brake dust and grime struggle to get any adhesion to the wheel surface and effectively fall off the wheel.









All you need is a clean and dry wheel, just lightly spray all over the alloy and allow to dry for long lasting protection. For best results always dry with a cloth to ensure trapped water droplets are removed before application.

Welcome to the future of wheel care!

NOTE: Not recommended to be used on black or dark painted wheels.



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