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Remove scratches from car door handle

No matter how much you try and keep your hands off your car’s exterior, there is one part that is mostly unavoidable – your door handles. Over time, light scratches can group and will become more visible and unsightly as seen behind the handle in the photo below.

Remove car door handle scratches

More often than not, this area becomes overlooked in the regular maintenance routine. With light scratches, you can use Autoglym Super Resin Polish to minimise the appearance of these scuff marks but if the area has been neglected for a longer period of time, you may need to step up to a more abrasive correction product such as Autoglym Paint Renovator.

Autoglym Paint Renovator - Remove car door handle scratches

For this particular example, we are using Autoglym Paint Renovator to remove the damage around this scuffed door handle. This car has had a rough working life and for the most part has never seen a polish or wax. Working against the scratches, apply a small amount of Paint Renovator with a cheesecloth or microfiber cloth and start polishing the affected areas.

Remove key scratches around car door handle

The photo above shows clearly the progress as we start working in the product. Being a hand applied product, Autoglym have ensured that it works as easy as possible with minimal manual effort.

Remove ring scratches around car door handle

It doesn’t take much longer before the Paint Renovator dramatically reduces the appearance of the scratches behind the door handle. Paying attention to the smaller details such as these scratches will make the difference between a washed car and a clean car!

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