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Remove Unsightly Scratch Damage With Paint Renovator

We have all done it sometime or other, scraping our car against an unseen pole or wall and just cringing at the thought of the damage. Most time the damage would be considered worthy of a call to the insurance company however in many cases grabbing a particular bottle of Autoglym can save your insurance premium and losing your car for a couple of days.

This particular white car had the unfortunate position of being driven into a bright yellow metal parking bollard. Not hearing the scraping until too late the damage was quite excessive with small denting on the panel.

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Normally this damage would not even be thought to be repairable however we gave it a go with Autoglyms Paint Renovator.

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Unlike Super Resin Polish, Paint Renovator is not an all over polish and should only be used on isolated marks and specific areas of paintwork damage. The stronger cutting compound enables it to remove paint transfer like what happened to this car while still being gentle on the original paint.

Applying a small amount to a microfibre, gently rub the affected area. Let the product do the work rather than pushing too hard on the paintwork. As the product takes effect it will start to lift the foreign contaminants away from the car onto the cloth.

The other beauty about Paint Renovator is that it is silicon free so any spot paint touch-ups that may still be needed will not be effected by the Paint Renovator. When finished using Paint Renovator and if paint touch ups are not needed, you are always best to go over with a light polish with Super Resin Polish to reduce any dullness from working on the area.


As you can see the main amount of visual damage has been all but removed with just Paint Renovator and a microfiber cloth. The small black spot where the paint was taken down to the plastic was easily touched up with a white pen from a local automotive store and the dent was pushed out from the inside using a small dolly. Only by stopping and looking closely could you see any damage at all.

Save yourself time and money and stop living with unsightly scratch marks on your car. Just grab a bottle of Paint Renovator and give it a go.

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