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Restore faded plastic bumpers and trim

The harsh Australian sun is a proving ground for many outdoor products, and Autoglym is one that passes with flying colours. Not all of us are able to keep their car in a garage, but even for cars that are kept in a garage, exposure to the sun is inevitable.

Autoglym Restore faded plastic bumpers and trim

One of the parts of your exterior which is most susceptible to damage from the UV rays are your plastic trims which are usually unsealed and open to the elements. This will eventually result in fading and oxidisation on your cowlings and bumpers, turning your deep black plastics to a washed-out grey as seen in the windscreen cowl seen above.

Autoglym Restore faded plastic bumpers and trim

With Autogym Bumper and Trim Gel, it’s a simple case of applying a small amount of the dressing to a cloth and applying to the affected areas. You can see above how little product you need – a bottle of gel is sure to outlast many of your other detailing products!

After a quick once-over, you can already see the stark contrast between the untreated surface and the restored, shiny finish that Autoglym Bumper and Trim gel leaves behind. For those who are after a less reflective finish, excess product can be wiped off with a cloth leaving a matte sheen.

Along with a rejuvenated and restored deep black look, the gel leaves the surface protected and water-resistant – check out the water beading!

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