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Car care made easy in 3 simple steps – Step 3

Having a routine makes cleaning the car much quicker and easier, by following 3 simple steps, clean, polish and protect you will get the most out of the Autoglym range with minimal time and maximum results.

Bodywork is the largest component of your car to clean, and as a result has a big impact on its overall appearance. From beginner to enthusiast these 3 steps will keep your paint looking fresh and protected going forward.

The third and final step, protect, achieves the ultimate paintwork finish and provides an extra tough protective sealant. Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection is a low viscosity liquid wax that is super easy to apply in just minutes and after a short drying period, can be removed just as quickly.

Cleaning your car in 3 simple steps

Autoglym Extra Gloss protection does not contain cleaning or polishing agents and should only be used on a clean, dry, blemish free paintwork.

Clean your car in 3 simple steps using Autglym Extra Gloss Protection

Apply Extra Gloss Protection over paintwork surface with a sponge applicator or cheese cloth and allow the film to dry completely (30-60 minutes)

Glossy car in 3 simple steps using Autglym

After the product has dried buff gently to a brilliant shine using a clean soft cotton cloth.

This final step will keep paintwork looking brilliant for longer. The resultant durable, deep gloss finish is perfect for all types of automotive paintwork including metallic, water based high quality carbon fibre and lacquered finishes. The tough, super slick barrier which is formed makes it harder for dirt and dust to settle on the surface. Meaning your car stays cleaner for longer, making the cleaning process much easier and saving you a lot of time in the long run.

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