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Car care made easy in 3 simple steps – Step 2

Having a routine makes cleaning the car much quicker and easier, by following 3 simple steps, clean, polish and protect you will get the most out of the Autoglym range with minimal time and maximum results.

Bodywork is the largest component of your car to clean, and as a result has a big impact on its overall appearance. From beginner to enthusiast these 3 steps will keep your paint looking fresh and protected going forward.

Paintwork loses its shine and is dulled as a result of oxidisation, environmental conditions and everyday driving. Putting in a little bit of extra effort saves a lot of time in the long run.

Car polish with Autoglym

After step 1, clean, we can now move onto step 2, polish. Autoglym Super Resin Polish is designed to remove harmful surface contaminants, light scratches and oxidation resulting in a glossy finish.

Car care made easy in 3 simple steps – Step 2 - b

Apply the product to a clean, cool, dry surface using a sponge applicator or cheese cloth using light circular motions and finishing with straight lines to ensure even coverage. Super Resin Polish is designed to be very easy to apply and remove so polishing is not the chore it used to be.

Car care made easy in 3 simple steps – Step 2 - c

Once the product has been fully applied to the desired area, allow to dry before lightly buffing with a clean microfiber cloth. The time it takes to polish a car with Super Resin Polish can be measured in minutes as opposed to hours associated with polishes used by previous generations.

Car care made easy in 3 simple steps – Step 2 - d

Check out that shine! With one side of the bonnet remaining untreated the results are immediately noticeable.

Car care made easy in 3 simple steps – Step 2 - e

Continue this process across all panels of the car before standing back and admiring your work.

Keeping your paintwork shiny does not just make the car look good, it also makes cleaning it much easier as a slick glossy surface makes it harder for dirt and grime to stick to the paintwork.

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