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Car Care Made Easy in 3 Simple Steps – Step 1

Having a routine makes cleaning the car much quicker and easier, by following 3 simple steps, clean, polish and protect you will get the most out of the Autoglym range with minimal time and maximum results.

Bodywork is the largest component of your car to clean, and as a result has a big impact on its overall appearance. From beginner to enthusiast these 3 steps will keep your paint looking fresh and protected going forward.

The first Step, clean, involves washing the car to remove all dirt and grime from the exterior, providing a clean surface to work with.

Car care made easy with Autoglym

Do It Yourself Car care with Autoglym

Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner is a powerful yet gentle PH neutral detergent, place 2 capfuls into a bucket and add 10L of water.

Easy car wash with Autoglym

Hose down your car to remove any loose dirt and grime before beginning the wash. Start from the top down, beginning with the roof and ending at the sills, this ensures already washed panels are not contaminated with run off.

Car care with autoglym

When applied to the car surface the product is designed to be low foaming and easy rinsing. The conditioning characteristics break down the surface tension of the water helping water to disperse and run off the panel, making the car much easier to dry.

Do it yourself car wash

Remember to rinse off excess detergent to make sure it does not dry on the paint in warmer conditions.

easy car wash

Finally use a drying towel to remove excess water and prevent spotting, leaving you with a clean glossy finish.

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