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How to look after your coated car

How to look after your coated car

“How do I look after my coated car” is one of the most common questions we get asked at Autoglym.

For the sake of the blog title we won’t delve into what the different coatings are, the ingredients and the potential benefits of putting them on your car, but solely focus on how to quickly maintain your coated car.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking if you have a coating on your vehicle, you will never need to wash your car again. Your car doesn’t magically become immune to dirt and dust. Your car will still collect dirt as you drive, creating increased tension on the surface and slowing down water run-off, beading and dulling the gloss of the paintwork.

If this happens – there is a good chance your coating is still working – it’s just covered in dirt.

The quickest way to get your car back to a state where it beads water like it did after it was applied is to wash it.



The first question we ask you when posed with the original question is; What does your warranty say? Different coatings come with different warranty’s. These vary in durability timeframe, maintenance schedules and voids, exclusions and how to wash your coating.


Most times they can be quite vague in the only information is USE A PH NEUTRAL FORMULA. If this is the case then all Autoglym retail Shampoo’s and washes are pH neutral and will be fine for your coating. It then depends on how you want to wash your car.




One of the great benefits of having a waxed or coated car is that they are usually very easy to clean and keep clean. This is where touch-less washing using Polar Blast followed by blowing the water off, can save you time. Also by not touching your car, you can slow down the inevitable damage to the paint or coatings with those dreaded swirl marks or cobwebs.


Cobwebbing will never be prevented 100% however. Just by driving your car, exposing it to rain, wind and dust, these all contribute to finely damaging the clear coat or coating with chaotic cobwebbing. There is no way around this other than to lock your car in a garage or cover it in a wrap.



Yes, we do get asked how to polish a coated car. Short answer is; don’t do it as you will void your warranty. You will physically remove your coatings from the surface.

Waxing on the other hand is different. The question back to you is; why? A good quality coating, within warranty, properly applied and clean should be promoting good water beading, and protect the car and original clear coat from UV. Essentially you shouldn’t really need to do it.



Coatings can be a great way to help maintain a cars look however they are not a silver bullet in having to maintain your car. Your car still needs to be washed regularly and will still get minor imperfections over time, albeit possibly slower with a coating on.

Do your research, ensure your car is prepared properly before any coating is applied and read the warranty before committing to your brand of choice.

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