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Remove Bird Droppings – The Easy Way

There is not much worse than coming back to your car and finding a gift from the skies has landed itself on your gleaming paintwork. Bird droppings can quickly harm modern paints, so it is important to remove them at your earliest convenience.

Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes contain all the necessary ingredients to soften and remove even the most stubborn deposits in a convenient and easy to use wipe form. The neatly packaged product is not an offensive addition to your glove box and will reward you time and time again with spotless paintwork.

Remove bird droppings

Remove bird droppings Autoglym

Once the target has been identified, remove wipe from sachet and place on dropping allowing time for the deposit to soften if necessary.

Remove bird droppings from car Autoglym

Using light pressure ensure all traces of bird droppings are removed carefully to avoid scratching and finally dispose of the wipe in an appropriate place.

Remove bird droppings from car

bird droppings on car

The result is a clean and shining surface free of any unwanted blemishes.

bird droppings on car  Autoglym

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