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What`s the difference between Acid and Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner?

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Wheel cleaning is one of the most important stages of a complete vehicle clean and having the correct knowledge to get the job done properly is essential. There are countless wheel cleaning products available on the market, each claiming to be the perfect solution to your wheel cleaning woes.

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A wheel cleaner is either acidic or non-acidic, there is no thin line between the two. Both are great at removing brake dust, dirt and grime from wheels; each serving their own respective purpose. Wheel cleaners containing an acid formula are generally safe to use on the majority of clear coated or `normal` wheel surfaces.

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However, this doesn`t mean that acid wheel cleaner is the answer to every application though as it is designed to react with the chemicals in brake dust loosening it from the wheels surface and washing away. This acid can also react with certain types of finishes such as chrome and anodization, where a non-acid based wheel cleaner such as Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner should be used instead; heavy agitation may be required if there is a heavy build-up of brake dust.

Acid wheel cleaners are generally only necessary on heavily tarnished wheels where dirt and dust has been left to dry and created a heavy build up on the surface. If wheels are washed regularly, as they should be, a non-acid based wheel cleaner will remove the majority of light dust and dirt to reveal the clean surface below.

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Protection is key in this case as creating a barrier between your wheels surface and a build-up of brake dust or road grime will greatly you when it next comes time to clean your wheels. Autoglym`s Wheel Protector is a hydrophobic spray sealant which creates a durable barrier from external contaminants; keeping your wheels looking fresher, for longer. Plus, it also makes them easier to clean when they eventually do dirty up.

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