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3 Steps to the perfect interior – Step 2

Having a routine makes cleaning the car much quicker and easier, by following 3 simple steps, clean, polish and protect you will get the most out of the Autoglym range with minimal time and maximum results.

Imagine what your house would look like if you didn’t clean it once in a while. Now think about how many hours you have spent in your car in the last month. Between all the hours driving and people getting in and out, its going to attract a lot of dirt, grime and probably a bit of odour. Car interiors are designed to hide dirt, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Giving the interior a little bit of TLC will make a surprising difference to the way it looks, smells and will make your time in your car much more enjoyable.

best way to clean car windows using Autoglym

Autoglym Fast Glass can be used both inside and out to produce a crystal clear smear free finish on glass and plastic windows. The formula is free of abrasives, silicon’s and waxes to ensure no residue is left behind.

best way to clean car windshield

best way to clean car windows

Simply spray onto the surface to be cleaned, and wipe away with absorbent paper towel or a polishing cloth, buffing the surface to a brilliant shine. A small amount goes a long way so don’t be tempted to soak the surface.

how to clean windshield using Autoglym

Only a few sprays are required to clean this whole windscreen quickly and easily; allowing for swift cleaning as required.

how to clean windshield

Fast Glass is especially recommended for use on acrylic, Perspex and plastic windows where abrasive cleaners may cause surface imperfections.

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