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Dealing with scratches

At Autoglym we know scratches can be a car enthusiasts worst nightmare. While you can take steps to minimise their occurrence, ultimately they are impossible to avoid.


Here is a quick overview of which ones you can fix yourself, and which ones may need professional help.

– For cars with light scratches and hazing on the clear coat, the paintwork will need polishing. Give your car a good wash with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, then use Surface Detailing Clay Kit to remove remaining contaminates. Once completed, apply Super Resin Polish to remove hazing, light scratches and restore gloss. While it has protective properties we recommend finishing with a coat of High Definition Wax or Extra Gloss Protection to further protect and enhance your high gloss shine from UV and environmental contaminations.

– Deeper scratches may be revive-able by polishing with Autoglym Paint Renovator. Simply wash your car thoroughly with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner in conjunction with Surface Detailing Clay Kit. Once the paint is smooth and dry, gently apply Paint Renovator to the scratch. It is abrasive so only use it in isolation. When you are happy with the results, simply apply Super Resin Polish to add a thin film that will help fill the imperfections.

If this process does not restore your paintwork to the desired level, we recommend you consult a reputable professional to machine polish your paintwork.

– For very deep scratches, no amount of polish will be able to remove the marks and as a result, rust could start to appear if the metal is exposed. For the best results contact a touch up specialist. There are a number of mobile specialists around who do very good work and you may be surprised at how little they charge.

– Scratches at deep metal stage need immediate attention.

  Super-Resin-Polish-325mlHow to remove blemishes, scratches and renew your paintextra-gloss-protection-325ml

Remember, it is all about being conservative when it comes to paint rectification, we recommend that you start with least aggressive methods and then work your way up until you are happy with the result.

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