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Polishing chrome with Super Resin Polish

As your vehicle is exposed to the environment, modern chrome plated plastic components can get weathered down, fade and look dull. With the use of Autoglym Super Resin Polish it can help remove oxidation and discolouration to bring back a high gloss shine. (For chromed metal and heavily tarnished plastics components, please carefully use Autogylm Metal Polish. Do not use Metal Polish on modern chromed plastics, lacquered alloy wheels, mirror finished metals or chrome plate in new condition as these surfaces are softer.)


To begin, give the cool and dry affected area a thorough wash with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to remove any contaminants which may cause scratches when you are buffing.

Once your vehicle has dried, shake Super Resin Polish well and apply the polish onto a Polish Applicator Pad or microfibre polishing cloth. Apply in a light circular motion to work the polish in. Finish polishing in a straight line to ensure even coverage (increase polishing pressure if there is excessive hazing or scratches).

Finally, buff with a clean cloth to a high gloss shine with a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth. As Super Resin Polish is both a polish and sealant, there is no need to apply wax after buffing.

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