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Cleaning your exhaust tip

Autoglym Admin August 18, 2016 Maintaining No Comments on Cleaning your exhaust tip

Every time you drive your car, the outside of your exhaust tips can get dirty as tar flicked up from the road and carbon can leave nasty stains on the polished metal surface and on the inside of your exhaust tip. By pairing Autoglym Super Resin Polish with Autoglym Metal Polish, we’ll show you how to remove tough build up to bring back a high shine to your exhaust.


To begin cleaning your exhaust tips, shake and apply Autoglym Metal Polish onto a clean Polish Applicator Pad or soft cloth


Applying pressure, work in the polish in a back and forth motion to remove the carbon build up; increase pressure for tougher to remove stains.


Once you are happy with the result, lift off the loose grime and carbon build up with a clean cotton cloth, turning and folding the cloth as you go.


To restore shine and remove tarnishing from the outside of your Chrome exhaust tip, apply a small amount of Autoglm Super Resin Polish onto a clean applicator pad and polish. For hard to remove stains, lightly apply and use Metal Polish.

If you have a stainless steel or aluminium exhaust, you can simply use Metal Polish instead of Super Resin Polish.





Super-Resin-Polish-325ml Metal-Polish-325ml

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