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Prepare your car for sale using Autoglym

When it comes to selling your car, a clean car is an indication that it has been well looked after. You wont get top dollar if your car is covered in dirt, fine scratches, oxidisation, nasty bug stains, marks on the interior or a dirty engine bay.

Do it yourself car wash

By getting your hands on the right cleaning products, you can achieve a professional result from your very own driveway and maximise your selling price.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to walk around the car, noting any cracked or damaged parts, such as lights, indicators, clips, garnishes or wheel covers. If you can afford to replace the damaged parts it’s a good idea to do so, however, if it doesn’t prove economical, just do your best to tidy the area up.

Spray your wheels with Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner or Clean Wheels. Using a wheel brush, scrub the wheels and any hard to get to spots to remove stubborn brake and road grime deposits. Now just give your wheels a good rinse with your hose or pressure washer.

Autoglym Complete Wheel Cleaner

A dirty engine bay can give the impression your car is poorly maintained. Autoglym Engine Machine Cleaner is a powerful, non-corrosive, water-based multi-surface cleaner that’s specifically designed for your engine bay.

Before you begin, make sure the engine is cool. It’s also important to cover electrical components such as the battery to avoid damage. Next step is to spray the Engine Machine Cleaner evenly over the entire engine bay.

Use a brush on any heavy grease or dirt spots – or hard to reach areas. For best results you want to leave the Engine Machine Cleaner on for 5 or 10 minutes, then use your hose or pressure washer and blast away the dirt; you can literally see the dirt and grease wash away.

While the engine bay is wet, finish off with a coat of Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care. This will leave any plastic and rubber components looking like new, as well as helping to condition and protect the engine compartment.

Autoglym Vinyl Rubber Care

Since you’re selling the car, it’s also a good idea to wash in and around your door and boot jams. This is a small and easy step but these little details make a difference in the final result.

Pop your boot and get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there. Check that the jack and tyre lever are all secured, and that the factory boot lining is intact. If you notice any stains, use Autoglym Interior Shampoo together with a soft cloth to lift any dirt. Finish up by giving the boot a good vacuum.

A nice, clean trim tells the buyer you take an interest in your vehicle’s overall wellbeing.

Start with taking everything out of the car, including the floor mats. You want to thoroughly vacuum the floor, seats, as well as down the side and underside of the seats, extending them backwards and forwards. Use a soft brush to get into hard to reach places to dislodge dust and grime, including in drink holders and air vents.

Next is giving the interior surfaces a good clean. Sit in the seat and start at the top working your way down; Start at the head lining and move onto all areas around your, then onto the seats, trim and carpets. Spray Autoglym Interior Shampoo over the area and use either a soft sponge or a damp cloth and agitate the surface to lift the dirt, then simply wipe over the area with a clean, damp Autoglym Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry, rinsing it frequently in a large bucket of clean water.

If your vehicle has leather trim you want to apply Autoglym Leather Cleaner and rub gently with a soft clean cloth, paying special attention to any prominent dirty marks. After two minutes wipe over the area with a clean, damp Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry.

With the leather clean and dry, finishing off with Autoglym Leather Care Balm is the best way to nourish and moisturise your vehicle’s leather trim. It also leaves a nice leather fragrance.

With the interior clean, use Autoglym Fast Glass to get rid of any finger prints or greasy film that might have built up on the inside. All you do is spray on and wipe off.

best product to clean car interior

Washing and cleaning the bodywork is by far the most important part of the process. Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to be low foaming and easy rinsing. Place 2 capfuls into a bucket and add 10L of water. Start from the top and work your way down to the sill panels, remembering to rinse your sponge or mit thoroughly as your make your way around the car.

Now just grab your hose or pressure washer and rinse the car off. The conditioning characteristics of the Bodywork Shampoo break down the surface tension of the water helping water to disperse and run off the panel, making the car much easier to dry.

With the bodywork and wheels clean, use Autoglym Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry and go over the body to remove any excess water.

Car wash

Over time general driving and the elements will have an effect on your paintwork. Using Autoglym Super Resin Polish will help to bring the shine back to your by removing light scratches, stains and scuffs. Using a foam applicator apply Super Resin Polish to your panels in overlapping circles. Continue until all the painted surfaces are covered with a thin, even layer of polish, finishing in straight lines. This is an incredibly easy product to use and it never dries hard.

When the polish is dry, buff to a deep shine with High-Tech Finishing Cloth. The results will be immediately visible as soon as you remove it. Its a good idea to apply a wax sealant to provide added protection.

Clean your car in 3 simple steps using Autglym Extra Gloss Protection

The finishing touch to any wash is dressing the tyres. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing will give your tyres a fresh, natural black sheen.

Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing

Now your car’s clean and ready to sell. For information on any of the products mentioned head over to Autoglym Australia.

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