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Preparing your car for a track day

So you are heading to the track. Keeping your car clean has to be the furthest thing from your mind, right? Not true. Once the dust has settled and the adrenaline has worn off, you’re faced with the task of cleaning up all the bugs, dirt and brake dust picked up on the way to the track, on the track and on the way back.


More often than not, race tracks are located pretty far out of town. This means a long drive on the freeway, and picking up your usual collection of bugs and road grime. To make life easier once you get back, treat the car to a Autoglym High Definition Wax before the track day. This makes hosing down the dead bugs and grime easier once you get home.

To ensure your wheels are protected, first clean them with Autoglym Clean Wheels or Custom Wheel Cleaner for polished and anodised wheels. Once the brake dust and dirt has been washed off, wait for the wheels to completely dry before applying Alloy Wheel Seal. Shake the can well, and spray it evenly on the surfaces of the wheels. Wipe off any overspray on the tyres, then allow the wheels to cure for a minimum of one hour. This greatly reduces brake dust, dirt or rubber flecks from sticking to the wheels.

Keep your vision clear by cleaning all your windows with Autoglym Glass Polish. This deep cleaning solution ensures crystal clear vision all round. Wipe them down with Autoglym Fast Glass at the track if you get dirt on the windows.

Remember, going fast is nothing without looking good!

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